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CBC Local Plan - January 2018

Ridgmont Parish Council 

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15th January 2018


Dear Resident,


  We are writing to inform you of a situation that we consider will significantly affect our village and surrounding area. The Central Bedfordshire Council pre- submission local plan has recently been released and it shows the intention for a 35 hectare warehousing, distribution and lorry park. Titled ‘The Marston Gate Expansion’, this development will run from the current units at Amazon alongside the A507, and run up close to the entrance of our village.

 The development will essentially ruin a large stretch of the Greensand Ridge and the wider nature of Ridgmont’s historic and ancient surroundings. The Greensand Ridge is something CBC describes as ‘a distinctive feature that rises from surrounding clay vales to give a landscape of gently rolling hills and small valleys’. The description does not mention the hills being full of warehouses, naturally.

 The Parish Council considers that there is something intrinsically valuable about living in a village that rests upon the preservation of the area and its essential characteristics. We note that this was the unanimous position of all councillors and reflects the views expressed in the previous Parish Plan by residents. We consider it a duty therefore to act to try and prevent this development and have unanimously agreed as a council to seek the appointment of a planning consultant.

 The planning consultant will be able to provide the subject specific knowledge needed to ascertain whether this development can be opposed on planning grounds. There are no guarantees of a positive outcome but the council considers the nature of the threat serious enough to warrant this measure.

 We include further information on the rear, including an artist’s impression of the proposed development.  The Parish Council will be drafting a letter for residents to send to CBC.  When this is ready we will circulate it to all residents and urge all residents to send this to CBC. The closing date to receive objections is 22nd February 2018.

We have a real opportunity to change CBC’s Local Plan, if we unite and act together in the interests of our community. If we do nothing then we will face the adverse effects of loss of the open countryside, ancient footpaths and a vital amenity, blighted by huge warehousing.

Whether you own your home or rent, you have a stake in our village and our community. Your voice is vitally important. As residents, we all need to be proactive. Please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council if you need further information on this issue. You can also check the website; http://ridgmont.bedsparishes.gov.uk/


We urge you to attend the CBC Local Plan consultation day and make your voice heard.

Lidlington Village Hall

Thursday 25th January 2018

3 - 7.30pm


Yours Sincerely,

Ridgmont Parish Council. 



Superfast Broadband in Central Bedfordshire 

The Council is developing a Local Broadband Plan to ensure that our residents benefit from superfast broadband as part of the Government’s aim for the UKto have the best superfast broadband in Europe by 2015. Superfast broadband is the next generation of broadband with connection speeds of greater than 25 megabits per second (mbps). With superfast broadband, our residents and businesses will have improved access to services and opportunities and  will ensure thatCentral Bedfordshireremains competitive as a location for business investment.  A key part of our efforts is to improve the market's understanding of the demand for superfast broadband services, As such, we have also set up a survey to find out what residents and businesses want from their internet capacity. The results of this will further inform the Plan, support state aid requirements and help demonstrate to the market the availability of services locally.  





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